N-Power Recruitment 2018/2019 Applicants Frequently Asked Questions Compiled

This is an update regards N-Power Recruitment 2018/2019, the 2018 application process was only for Graduates Category and the selection process for the 2018 recruitment is underway, the training and engagement of successful applicants will be done in batches.

*Question:* Please we need update concerning our device.or is like u guys don’t want us to train
it.i rep Bayelsa state.we can’t wait for our device

_*Npower: Sir, device distribution is done in batches. Thank you for your patience.*_

*Question:* Dear Npower Team , Good morning and kudos for the great job you are doing. Please i want to kindly confirm an info i heard, am a 2018 N_Health applicant, please is it true that only those in the medical field will be shortlisted? Thank you for your anticipated prompt response.

*Npower: Ma’am, kindly wait. Communication will be provided shortly.*_

*Question*: Sir, for those who offered OND, does it compulsory for them to present their certificate, or the statement of result will be Ok during the physical verification ?

_*Npower: Sir, certificate is required.*_

*Question*: What about the Non-Graduate 2016 Applicants that you promised to start deploying from the month of August and now it is September no any deployment. Is there any hope?

_*Npower: Sir, the selection process for the 2016 Non-graduate category is underway. Thank you for your patience.*_

*Question*: please when are will collecting our device in ondo state?

_*Npower: Hello sir, device collection is done in batches, you will be notified*_

*Question:* Npower team please I saw a post saying list batch of shortlisted candidates how true is it?

_*Npower: Not true.*_

*Question*: Good day dear npower. Please when is the list of successful candidate for 2018 will be out?

_*Npower: In due time, sir. For now, kindly stay tuned to our official social media platforms and depend on the information we provide*_

*Question*: N-POWER… What’s going on . N-Tax are doing training while others are not doing .
I applied on N-Tax.

_*Npower: Ma’am, kindly contact VAIDS for information.*_

*Question*: ‘Npower’ please try to pay me, it getting too late..since last year.

_*Npower: Ma’am, if you are yet to receive any stipend from Npower, kindly send your complaints and details to support@npvn.desk-mail.com*_

*Question:* What are the criteria for physical verification sir?

_*Npower: Sir, communication will be provided shortly.*_

*Question:* Please why is it that here in Rivers State some volunteer in batch A receive SMS for device collection while some did not. Because am in batch A I did not see any test message. And u cannot go without your test message.

_*Npower: Ma’am, distribution of device is done in batches. Thank you for your patience.*_

*Question:* sir i forgot to select 4 my device after writing d test, what is my fate?

_*Npower: We will make a provision for device selection if you are successfully selected*_

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