N-Power Recruitment Graduate & Non Graduate 2018 List of Shortlisted Candidates

The update on N-Power Recruitment Graduate & Non Graduate 2018 List of Shortlisted Candidates. Here is a transcribed version of Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede live Facebook video chat. Always remember Npower is a learn, work and entrepreneurship program.Your working experience is very critical, focus on your attendance, as you know, some beneficiaries payment were put on hold because of it.

The N-Power Recruitment Graduate & Non Graduate 2018 List of Shortlisted Candidates:

There is no list for now. We use random algorithm that helps us select list of candidates that will be shortlisted. The list of successful shortlisted applicants will be publish online within the month of October, you will be notified.

Npower knowledge- Before the final month of the year,you will be deployed.
For Npower build, we will deploy 20,000 of you for now, 3,200 applicants will be automobile technician

Pls explore our device content.
Note that the device is not yours for now,it is still the Federal Govt property. You are in the 11month, so you have to wait till the 20 month to get full ownership.
Do not sell the device,we have a monitoring chip and the device value is about 90 thousand naira,you will be prosecuted if you sell it.


Those in Bayelsa,Taraba,Gombe,Yobe,Borno,Kebbi and Nassarawa state, your device on the way and you will get it latest this weekend.
If you dont receive the sms for device delivery,kindly reach out to our Npower support lines or social media accounts.

There is no redeployment for specific reasons. Redeployment might be for medical reasons. Marriage reasons won’t be entertained.

There are 182,347K qualified volunteers for the batch A 172,409K volunteers are receiving payments.
4,418k volunteers are not verified 5520k volunteers have no account records- If by October 15 you dont regularize the issue,you will be remove from the program. 2,256k bvn and account details are not linked 268 volunteers- banks puta hold on your account.Go update your account. 3 voluntees are having account dormancy 55 volunteers accounts are recently closed. 357 volunteers cant receive upto 30k in their account.Go update your account to receive large amount.

A lot of you receiving payments and now payment has stopped should know that your bank returned the money because your account cant receive large sums,kindly go to your bank and rectify the issue.

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