Naira Propeller Login and Registration Procedure –

Naira Propeller community where you propel naira and also get propelled with naira. Just saying! you can give to someone, and you receive back 300% of the the money you give out.

Registration is free of charge, after the registration, member will have 24hours  one day to give out a fixed amount of 10,000 Naira to a fellow participant which will be matched you.

Note it is one time give out and once you complete your payment, You will be matched automatically with three other participant to give the same amount you gave within 24hrs.
All participant are expected to introduce other new members to the opportunities we provide and they stand to benefit from our exceptional compensation plan.

You don’t need to bring someone before you receive your money, but you receive extra bonus each time immediately every single person comes to join you.

You get 10% from all donation of the participant you invited. Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. However, nobody forces the members of the Community to invite new participants. But at the same time, understanding that NAIRA PROPELLER network can’t exist without participants’ encouragement in the form of referral bonuses is a key thing. For the system longevity, refer as many people as possible to earn more and keep the system stronger.

Naira Propeller Features 

New and fast growing  community! PROPEL SOMEONE AND GET PROPELLED! Life goes on!

Active Support

Support is always there to assist you. Issues related to donation and registration are attended to top priority issues to support.

Quick payment

Payment is made to every member within 24-48 hours of propelling naira. A user makes payment within 24 hours of propelling naira or you gets blocked and deleted.

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  • i paid 10000 after being merged in naira propeller and now am logged out from the site, please whats wrong? i cant access my site anymore

  • I donated on 1st of February and up till now I haven’t been matched with anyone. I have also sent messages to support and not gotten any reply. Can you also give some insight into this aspect? Cus I had a couple of people waiting to see if I would get paid before joining and it seems they were all right to be cautious.

  • Pls. I have not been matched n it. Has exceeded normal duration I can’t even log in to d website since I donated to someone

  • Naira propeller is not functioning well. It only functions well when u are to pay, when is time for u to withdraw, they will not allow u access into your PO to GH. That’s 419. That’s what am facing now.

  • please admin, I provided help on the 4/2/2017 to member and i have been confirmed. but up till date I have not been matched to be paid. please react

  • I sent my mail since early this week but up till today I have not been sent any message for proper registration/ verification.

  • My name is victor Nwachukwu I made payment of ten thousand naira since February 5th up till now I have not been merged with anybody to pay me, i need a reply pls.

  • please this is six days i propelled someone but up till now i have not been matched why? i thought i was supposed to be payed at least 72 hrs later so what is going on.

  • Good evening. I have propel the sum of #10,000 to someone since on the 7th of February, and up till I’ve not hear anything from you. I want to ask, when will someone propel me too?

  • Today marks it to be a month, that I registered with you people, I have mailed you people twice no responses from you, please don’t eat money just that, otherwise it will not be well with you people.

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