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Thus, the National Directorate of Employment (Nde) Recruitment 2019 job creation is anchored by four core programme departments which include the Rural Promotion, Small Scale Enterprises, The Special Public Works and the Vocational Skills programmes. They are supported by four Service departments which include Finance and Administration, Inspectorate, Human Resources and Planning, Research & Statistics.

The operational thrust of the strategy for creating jobs by the four core departments is capacity building in the first instance and then followed by a facilitation for empowerment to enable beneficiaries become employed and subsequently also become employers of labour.


Rural Employment Promotion Programme

The Rural Employment Promotion (REP) Programme was designed with the following objectives:

  • Generating rural employment and improving incomes through agribusiness engagements including core farming
  • Promoting the adoption of improved technologies in post-harvest handling;
  • Storage and processing and
  • Promoting other non-farm rural employment activities in order to stem the rural-urban drift

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National Directorate of Employment (Nde) Recruitment 2019 Strategies

The REP Programme employ training to stimulate the interest of all categories of the unemployed (School leavers, Graduates of tertiary institutions, Retirees, People with special needs, etc) in the rural areas to identify business opportunities in the agricultural value chain and rural handicrafts for employment and wealth creation. It builds the capacity of participants for the successful management of different demand-driven viable agribusinesses through sustainable engagements of the unemployed in either self-employment where they have access to start-up capital or paid employment in its absence.

Small Scale Enterprise

The Small Scale Enterprises (SSE) programme is one of the four core programmes of the NDE designed to inculcate in the unemployed Nigerian graduate and other interested persons, the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity and self-reliance with a view to assisting them set up and run their own businesses in order to create employment for themselves and other Nigerians.

National Directorate of Employment (Nde) Recruitment 2019 Objectives Of The Programme
  1. To sensitize unemployed persons to opt for self-employment
  2. Prepare them to upgrade their business ideas by conceptualizing it into viable and feasible enterprises.
  3. To prepare unemployed persons wishing to undertake self-employment as a career option to gain the confidence, even as first timers, to establish their enterprise
  4. To effectively prepare participants to handle the issues of small business failure and ensure sustenance and growth.

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