Nigeria President, Mohammed Buhari Now Fit & To Return On August 2017

For those of you that have been saying that the president is dead, sorry you are wrong. President, Mohammed Buhari  Now Better and Will Return Soon.

The Nigeria President, Mohammed Buhari in a meeting with Gov. David Nweze Umahi from South East Nigeria and other 6 governors selected from other regions at London, UK today (Wednesday).

Enough to prove the doubting Thomases wrong.

 Gov. David Nweze Umahi from South East Nigeria and other 6 governors) says President Muhammadu Buhari is fast recovering from his illness contrary to allegations that he is on life support.

“We hope he takes it easy and when he comes back, we have no doubt at all that we will have a new and active period of activities.’’

He, however, said only the president’s doctors abroad could decide when he would be fit to return to the country.

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State had recently alleged that President Buhari was on life-support in a London Hospital where he is receiving medical attention.

The national chairman, however, refused to respond to the governor’s comment, saying he would do that at an appropriate time. “If I respond, I will be dignifying him,” he said.

“At the appropriate time, people will answer him; at the appropriate level; at the appropriate time.

He is in a different world altogether.’’ According to him, the party’s leadership has confidence in President Buhari.

He added that the meeting x-rayed the nation, ongoing agitation for its restructuring and inciting statements emanating from different parts of the country.

Mr. Odigie-Oyegun stressed that such inciting statements are not good “for the nation`s health and have to be stopped’’.

He further said the party’s leadership would do all it could at all times to ensure that the unity of the country was preserved.

He added that the APC leadership was ready to listen to whatever grievances any group in the country might have.

Below Are Photos Taking On Wednesday July 2017 With Gov. David Nweze Umahi from South East Nigeria and Other 6 Governors

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