Nigerian Air Force (NAF) 2017 Job Recruitment Interview – BATCH 2 and Batch 3 To 9 | Interview Questions | Applicant Review – Readiness

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) 2017 Recruitment Interview – The under listed candidates are hereby invited to attend Nigerian Air   Force 2017 Final Recruitment Interview at the Nigerian Army Peace Keeping Centre Jaji Cantonment Kaduna.  Candidates are to report as indicated below: Nigerian Air Force (NAF) 2017 Recruitment Interview

a.       Batch 1                 –        Sunday 2 April 2017

b.       Batch 2                 –        Sunday 9 April 2017

c.       Batch 3                 –        Sunday 16 April 2017

d.       Batch 4                 –        Sunday 23 April 2017

e.       Batch 5                 –        Sunday 30 April 2017

f.        Batch 6                 –        Sunday 7 May 2017

g.       Batch 7                 –        Sunday 14 May 2017

h.       Batch 8                 –        Sunday 21 May 2017

i.        Batch 9                 –        Sunday 28 May 2017

Candidates are to report with the following items listed below:

a.      Original of their Credentials.

b.      2 White vests.

c.       2 Blue PT Shorts.

d.      1 Pair of Canvas Shoes.

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Interview Questions | Applicant Review

The following questions will be asked during the Interview.  Please send supporting documents that you may have created prior to the time of your interview.  All letters of support (question 10) need to be loaded prior to scheduling your interview.

To what degree is school administration supportive of academies?

  • How will school leadership be involved with this academy?
  • Is the school administration willing to provide release time for an academy director?
  • Are you willing to cohort students and/or have interdisciplinary teams?
  • Are you willing to provide release time for teachers to discuss the academy and the student performance issues?
  • NAF provides and requires attendance at its yearly conference, do foresee any problems with attending this?
  • Are you willing to incorporate NAF courses into the master schedule?


To ensure the integrity of the airspace by gaining and maintaining control of the air while retaining a credible capacity to fulfill other airpower tasks demanded by national defence and security imperatives.


“To reposition the NAF into a highly professional and disciplined force through capacity building initiatives for effective, efficient and timely employment of air power in response to Nigeria’s national security imperatives”.

Air Marshal SB Abubakar DFS GSS psc(+) fwc ndc(+) MSc


  • Human capacity development through robust and result oriented training for enhanced professional performance.
  • Robust logistics support and maitenance culture to sustain platforms and equipment serviceability.
  • Reinforce a culture of self-reliance and prudent management of resources.
  • Strategic partnerships with MDAs for enhanced research and development.
  • Promote and inculcate the core values of integrity, excellence and service delivery.
  • Focus on comradeship, regimentation and inter-Service cooperation.

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