Nollywood Director DECENT PROMISE Speaks On His Life and Career

The Nollywood Director DECENT PROMISE hails from Bomu Gokana in Rivers State. He was born on 27 September 1993, into a family of 6, he the fourth child but the first son.

How Director DECENT PROMISE Start His Career:

DECENT PROMISE is an actor and from there he became a production assistant. He later discovered that he had more passion for directing than acting so he became a Personal assistant to a notable Director.

About DECENT PROMISE Educational Background:

DECENT PROMISE graduated from National Film Institute Jos a renowned Film School in Nigeria, that was where he studied Motion Picture and he specialized in Movie Directing, after four years of studying in NFI I got my B.Art. (Bachelor of Arts).

Currently DECENT PROMISE is an undergraduate in the University of Port Harcourt, studying Educational Psychology Guidance and counseling.

The names of movies DECENT PROMISE acted when you started:

He didn’t really do much as an actor except in 2004, when he acted as Rita Dominic’s younger brother in a movie titled: Red Target starring the likes of Omotala Jalade, Rita Dominic and Chidi Wokeme. Apart from that, he also did some minor roles in some movies but the truth is, he didn’t do much as an actor, his interest and forte was Movie Directing.

When DECENT PROMISE start directing officially:

He started directing in 2009 but still under the supervision of his director. And that was Royal calamity produced and directed by DECENT PROMISE starring Chinwentalu Agu, Cynthia Okereke, Columbus Iriosanga.

The list of the movies DECENT PROMISE has done so far:

I had already mentioned Royal calamity. I also directed Kingdom in crisis, Sex Education, College girls, Christmas Runs, Emeka the madboy, somewhere in Port Harcourt, Grave of Bruce, Dance of the Spirit, and Clash of the Beast. Lot of them but these are some of his favorite.

DECENT PROMISE most challenging moment in his career:

The starting process. It was horrible; his parents were on his case. They never gave me any breathing space and that gave him a lot of issues as an adolescent. He thought they hated him but he never knew that all of that was part of life.

Not everyone will always support you in what you want to do but that doesn’t mean they hate you.

I won’t mention the stress because since it was what I wanted for myself, I enjoyed every bit of it. But sincerely movie making is very stressful. Only people who have passion for it can cope. It’s beyond just liking it, some young people always say they “like” movie making, acting, directing etc, but it’s beyond just liking it, you’ve got to be passionate about it, that way you can go through the stress and challenges of it and still be the best.

About DECENT PROMISE Relationship:

He doesn’t like talking about it but for the sake of record, he is single. He don’t like dating. He is more of a business person than fun and lot of people wouldn’t understand that so he tries as much as possible to stay away from committed relationship. He prefer distant relationship.

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Questions Asked During Interview: Sir is it true that directors and producers ask their female cast to sleep with them before getting a role?

That’s not completely true, corruption is everywhere. It’s quite unfortunate that our society tends to magnify ours i.e. Corruption in Nollywood. Corruption is everywhere; it’s in the bank, Hospital, schools even in the religious corridors. So it isn’t peculiar to Nollywood alone.

Sir but have you asked any girl to sleep with you before the person would get a role?

Hell No!!!

How does that sound in your ear?
What do you take movie makers for? Anyways, like I said corruption is everywhere so I can’t speak for all but for myself, I uphold strong morals and maintain decency in my personal life. And I am not trying to paint this holier than thou attitude. Because girls also have their own part of the blames. Nollywood is filled with lots of desperate people who want to be a star and the rest is history.

The stars DECENT PROMISE have worked with:

DECENT PROMISE has directed late Sam Loco ife, Ini Edo, Chinwentalu Agu, Cynthia Okereke, Columbus Iriosanga, Moyo lawal, Amanda Ebeye, Ivonce, Mercy Johnson, Diamond… Lots of them.

DECENT PROMISE advice for those who want to go into acting:

First of all, you must examine yourself, be sure that it is what you want to do. Acting isn’t as easy as some folks think. So don’t just go into it if what you have is just a mere likeness. That you like acting doesn’t mean you must act. Acting is a very demanding job. It will drain you of all you’ve got. Your finances, time, personal life style and leaving you with nothing rather than the joy of performing.

Secondly, acting isn’t indomie. Don’t expect to cook it now and eat it the next minute. It requires a lot of patient. If the only reason you want to act is because you want to make money, you cannot be successful with it, because usually from the beginning of an acting career the big bucks don’t roll in, you’ll have to give or rather invest in it to yield returns.
So basically, don’t start what you can’t finish. Be sure acting or directing or any other part of film making is what you want to do and don’t regret anything that comes with it.


At the end of it all the Nollywood Director DECENT PROMISE drop his official mobile number and his social media handle.

You can also check out his movies on YouTube. His official Facebook handle is Dycent Promise. Instagram is Decent Promise_ +234 812 183 6270


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