Npower 2018/2019 List Of Applicants Shortlisted For Interview – Check Here

The Npower 2018/2019 list of applicants shortlisted for interview will be publish online before the end of this month. Npower has been the only Dominated comments that overwhelmed me due to the fact that every candidates is expecting to see them release their Result and List of Successful Candidates who took parts on the Previous Assessment.

WHY NPOWER 2018 LIST OF SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS IS STILL NOT OUT? You will agree with me that overtimes, majorities of the 2017 applicants had asked the Npower team times without number when the 2017 list of successful candidates shall be released and their answers or responses has always been that the 2017 list of successful applicants shall be out probably after ending of September, 2017.

And that all the 2017 applicants who took the assessment test are advised to regularly check the Npower Official Social Media Channels for the latest update on this subject.

It will interest you to know that, from the aforementioned, the general public is confused because to a certain extent, it seems the NPOWER team is not specific enough on their own side as per when the 2017 list shall be released.

Npower Issues OR Result List

In view of this, the public is requesting for a favour from the Npower team to at least clear the humid that has covered the atmosphere at the moment concerning this issue so that everyone can actually be certain as per the particular time, date or day that the list shall be out online.

Check here for Issue OR Result List

The atmosphere at the moment is too humid about this issue and every concerned individual want to have a first-hand, clearer and definite info from the horse’s mouth about the 2017 list of successful beneficiaries.


When will Npower 2018 applicants list be out?

Is Npower list of successful applicants out?

What are the requirements for 2018 Npower pre-selection process?

I can’t login Npower website?

How can I check Npower list of successful beneficiaries 2018?

Is it true that the Npower 2018 list is out?

How do one know if his/her name is among the names of the 2018 Npower list of successful applicants?

And so on…

Hmm…the question now is; what are the processes or yardstick that the Npower team is really employing for the selection process that has really delayed the release of the 2018 list of successful candidates until now?

Or, is it that their Computer Based Test, CBT system is not efficient enough or what?

And if it is, is it that the principle behind their CBT is different from the ones the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB employed for the conduction of the 2018 UME in which results of candidates were released within 7 days or there about?

Is there any special thing that the 2018 applicants really need to know as per why the NPOWER Team is delaying the list to after ending of September, 2017?

We Wait…

All the N-TAX applicants are to note that the Npower team have been contacting applicants in this category and in view of this, applicants are to ensure that their mobile phones are always on and close to them as no one has no idea as per when he/she shall be contacted.

Also, when you are contacted, you shall be asked some few questions that are related or that pertains to your Npower programme.

The above notice is also applicable to other Npower Programme Applicants.

While we still wait for the 2017 list of the successful candidates, we wish to say a very big kudos to the Npower management team for the level of achievement they have thus far showcased.

We say a very big thank you for your devices distribution to the existing beneficiaries and the level of openness in the programme.

More grease to your elbows.

On my own side, I wish to encourage my fellow Npower Brothers and Sister to still be patient and let’s see what will happen at the end of this January, 2018.

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