Npower Grant 2021/2022 Application Registration Form Portal – Apply Here

Are you looking for Npower Grant 2021/2022 Application Registration Form Portal? Do you want to apply for Npower Grant 2021/2022 ongoing registration or want to find out if N-power is actually giving grant? if yes then read further.

Let’s give you some of the current questions asked by millions of anticipating npower 2021 grant application. 

– Is there Any hope for npower 2021 Recruitment Again?

– Will Npower Grant 2021/2022 Application portal be opened again for registration?

– What is delaying 2021 npower applicants list?

– If npower starts giving grants, will it be for graduates or undergraduates?

– Has N-power Exit registration closed?

Hope you’ve seen all the questions, let’s discus some them so you will know your stand.

But wait! — Before we proceed, kindly note that Npower is a federal government empowerment program that promises to recruit, train and deploy successfully beneficiaries to work.

You have to also note that during the time npower was created, they promised to empower all beneficiaries for only two years.

Npower Recruitment form is usually free, don’t welcome any advert from people who wants to sale the fake form to you.

You can only get npower registration form only through or profile

Npower is for both graduates and undergraduates, so use your best certificate.

Now let’s talk about the big question about Npower now!

Will npower Npower Grant 2021/2022 Application still hold?

We’ve had so many current npower beneficiaries saying that Npower will not give grant, however some of the beneficiaries still maintain that Npower recruitment will continue.

Please Note: The news circulating online that Npower is giving out  N30,000 grants is fake. The message which states:


Check if You have been selected to receive ₦30,000 As Part of NPOWER FUND GRANT 

Check if you have been selected for NPOWER TRUST FUNDS GRANT” please this information is not real okay, it’s fake. And don’t enter your bank details on any platform claiming to be Npower platform.

If npower Nigeria will give grant, it will be made public, you’ll get the news from Nigeria top news site.

The best way to instantly get Latest news updates about Npower Nigeria is through npower official websites. Make sure you visit the site once in a while.

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