Npower Recruitment 2018 Applicants Frequently Asked Questions –

The Npower Recruitment 2018 Applicants Frequently Asked Questions… questions like when will Npower recruitment 2018 list of shortlisted candidates will officially be release online, also with some more vital information that will be of help to you.

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Listed Below Are Npower Recruitment 2018 Applicants Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Good day the Npower team,we are already in the end of September, when exactly are we expecting the 2017 graduate shortlisted names thanks and God bless you.

Npower: Soon ma, Stay tuned to our social media channels for current updates.

Question: Good day sir wen the short listed come out for 2017 thank you

Npower: Kindly stay tuned to our social media channels for updates.

Question: Does it mean that everyone that registered and wrote npower exams qualifies to get the device and if yes ,how do I apply?

Npower: The device(s) are only for beneficiaries who have successfully met all the necessary requirements.

Question: Please someone posted a page for Npower health applicants for npower 2017 close to 279 pages but I checked all my name was not there as an applicants please does the list for real. Thanks

Npower: Scam Sir!

Question: If an Npower beneficiary got another job, in another ministry, what is he/she going to do ? Is he/she going to report it to Npower supporting team or not ? And if yes, what is the procedures ?

Npower: If this situation applies to you, kindly send an mail to us. Thank you.

Question: What happens to beneficiaries that has their PPA in remote areas without assess to good network services so can’t mark their attendance wit our device due this?

Npower: Attendance should be taken manually and sent to State Focal Person Weekly

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