Npower Updates: Successful shortlisted Applicants on the N-Power Recruitment Exercise can now login and update their details –

If you have been Successful shortlisted on the N-Power Recruitment Exercise, update your profile as all is set to commence the training immediately   

Following the release of Npower list successful shortlisted applicants, the management has also open portal for them to update their details online via

We urge all the successful shortlisted applicants to visit the Npower website and update their profile.

Steps on how you can successfully update your profile on the Npower recruitment website.

To update your data on the Npower website is so easy, all you just need is to login to your account

Note: use your phone number as your username and use your surname as your password to login.

If you are have any challenge opening your Npower account, you write to us and it will be resolved immediately.

When you login to your Npower account, you will be asked to connect with social media account.

After updating your profile one the Npower website, next is to upload your bank details and then submit it online via

Get yourself ready for the training, which will kick off by next month.

Step unit 1 – Teaching and Qualities of a Teacher   

This is where you will be introduced to what you will be trained on.

There you will be taught how a teach should plan his or her work and determine how to engage in deliver it to his learners.

Unit 2 – Ethics in teaching

Unit 3 – The Teacher and Law

The Module Summary

You can equally download and watch the recruitment online.

When you login on your page you will see “Watch this space for your place of primary assignment” and the device will automatically do the selection process, if that you are for Npower tech/community.

We urge you to please check the N-Power website to know where you have been posted for your own primary assignment.

Deployment: your place of deployment will be prepared so always visit their portal on regular basis to check.

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