Obama Foundation Fellowship Program 2018/2019 Application Form For Civic Innovators Apply Now

Today, we’re opening applications for the on Fellowship Program 2018 to empower and equip civic innovators. Obama Foundation Fellowship program seeks to support outstanding civic innovators from around the world in order to amplify the impact of their work and to inspire a wave of civic innovation.


Civic innovators

Obama Foundation Fellowship are looking for individuals who are working to solve important public problems in creative and powerful ways. We are inspired by a broad vision of what it means to be “civic,” one that includes leaders tackling a range of issues, in both traditional and unconventional ways.

Discipline diverse

We need people working from all angles and with different perspectives to strengthen our communities and civic life. This fellowship is for organizers, inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, and more. It is for those working within systems like governments or businesses, as well as those working outside of formal institutions.

At a tipping point in their work

Successful applicants have already demonstrated meaningful impact in their communities, gaining recognition among their peers for their contributions. Now, they stand at a breakthrough moment in their careers. They’re poised to use the Fellowship to significantly advance their work, perhaps by launching new platforms, expanding to broader audiences, or taking their work to a national or global stage. If you’ve already gained global recognition for your work or if your civic innovation work has just begun, you may not be the ideal candidate for this program.

Talented, but not connected

We are committed to expanding the circle of opportunity to include new and varied voices. Thus we have a strong preference for civic innovators who are not currently connected to the networks and resources they need to advance their work. If you’re not sure whether you fit this description, feel free to apply — and make sure to articulate how the resources of the Fellowship would uniquely impact your work.

Good humans

We are building an authentic community. A strong moral character is essential for the strength of this community, the integrity of the program, and the longevity of its value. We’re seeking inspirational individuals who demonstrate humility and work collaboratively with others towards shared goals.

About the application process

Can I save my responses on the application and return to submit the application later?

The system will not save your responses if you close your browser window before submitting. If you’d like to take more than one session to work on your answers, please draft your application responses offline. Once your answers and video are ready for submission, you can revisit the site and submit your application in one sitting.

Can I send additional materials?

Due to the volume of applications, we cannot review additional materials sent outside of the application form. If you have a specific question, please email the Fellows program at fellows@obama.org.

I missed the deadline. Can I still apply?

We will not review late or incomplete applications.

When will I be notified about whether I’m chosen?

The Fellowship team will review applications and notify all applicants in February 2018.

If I’m not chosen, can I apply again during a future round?

Absolutely! We’d be happy to review a later application from applicants who have advanced their work.

Additional questions about the Fellowship or application process? Email us at fellows@obama.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should visit www.obama.org/fellowship

If you need more updated information at the right time about The Obama Foundation Fellowship Program 2018/2019 Application Form, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also, feel free to ask any question any time.

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