Popular Nollywood Actor Charley Boy Fighting For Frustrated Nigeria’s OUR MUMU DON DO

Popular Nollywood Actor Charley Boy Fighting For Frustrated Nigeria’s OUR MUMU DON DO, – Thank you specially for reading this article and we will like you to comment if you are in support to be part of the revolutionary OurMumuDonDo movement by Charley Boy!

The battle to free ourselves from the shackles of political slavery and eternal looting of our commonwealth has just begun. This coalition of the Angry, Vexed and Frustrated will herald the collective purge of a squalid thieving system that has eternally pervaded, polluted and dominated the sphere of our polity.

We the sleeping giants of this great nation are now arisen to never sleep nor slumber, anymore. We will fight for what is rightfully ours and will neither be flustered, perturbed, or intimidated by the ruling stealing class. We shall fight their criminality and draconian hegemonic influence on the lumpen proletariats, peasants, marginalized, and exceptional youths.

As you all know, every good thing requires proper and strategic planning. Which is why we must continue the OurMumuDonDo sensitization, just as we try to pull our weights to invest financially in the movement so as to help the mobilization process.

Our mobilization will be sponsored by everyone suffering from the afflictions these looters and criminals have impressed on us. We will not patronize them because we are bigger than them.

The OurMumuDonDo fight is against political criminality and corruption in high places; it is devoid of political affiliations or influence. With this fight, we shall retool the current bastardized system into a true democratic system that we all deserve. And collectively, we shall restore glory and honor to Nigeria and make our leaders begin to place the people first before anything else.

This fight will invariably be laborious and painstaking. Be Ready!

In the meantime, kindly watch the short video attached to this post and share with a friend. Also, endeavor to comply with the request as well.

Please share this article with a friend and ask them to register for the movement via www.ourmumudondo.org.

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