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Is Postwanga Market truly an emerging classified site?

How does one define an emerging platform? To emerge is to move out of or away from something and become visible or become apparent or prominent. As the word implies, it is in many ways the word that’s depicts the ability of one or something to gradually become the cynosure based on consequent actions. As a way of revelation, Postwanga in just three months of its existence have developed a reputation and also the status of an emerging classified powerhouse due to its significant performance and offerings since launching in the Nigerian marketplace.

The appearance of a new classified site in the ecosystem may not mean much to users who have been used to some older platforms but when the introduction of a new classified platform brings a lot of changes and significance to the classified value-chain then that platform begin to play up its value and hence become the platform to watch, this can be said to be the narrative of the nascent Postwanga so far in the Nigerian classified landscape.

Postwanga Market

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Being a family friendly platform.

Like Jiji, Postwanga have not just made this a mantra but have implemented and actualized this statement like a dogma. The value –add can’t be overestimated, being that the platform by principle ensures that ads are friendly to kids and also to adults and this is done to guarantee a safe place for children who may be searching for their own needs on the site. While adults are free to use Postwanga at will, that will should be curtailed by ensuring they don’t put out content or listings that could expose children or teenagers to wrong ideologies, product or services.


Postwanga Market Rated amongst the best.

Just three month venturing into the Nigerian marketplace, Postwanga have in this window period gained prominence which have seen them being reviewed with the likes of Jiji and Olx whom have been in the marketplace a longer period. This development has no doubt put Postwanga in a pole position, one that should make them even do more and also step further to revolutionize the classified ecosystem in the Nigerian marketplace. So, the question again now is, how did Postwanga make this kind of rating in a short while. Web analysts have over time indicated that sites with responsiveness have reduced bounce rates and encouraged visitors to re-visit.


Allowing your safe and free transactions

For users of classified sites posting free ads and making sales is the ultimate goal, for buyers getting quality products and services Is more of the main objective. Postwanga allows its users the opportunity to make these immutable transaction of selling and buying on its platform for free and this accounts for the thrust it has garnered, the platform has also helps individual sellers further promote their wares. Also, without a record of scammers taking advantage of the platform to perpetrate scam is an indication of the water tight security measures that Postwanga possesses.

Postwanga is here and like Jiji and Olx it has truly claimed a stake for itself in the Nigerian classified marketplace.

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