Press Release: 2017 JAMB UTME Registration Updates With Some Important Facts


The entire public should be aware of this, as the joint admissions and matriculation board will bear no responsibility for victims of fraudsters.

Computer Based Test (CBT)

Computer-based testing is a simple and better way to offer the Jamb test. It allows testing centers to offer a more consistent test delivery, faster scoring and reporting, and enhanced test security.

Advantages of a Computer Based Test (CBT)

  1. Improvement of the Board’s service delivery.


  1. Reduction of incidences of breaches of examination security.


  1. Making Nigeria operate global best practices.


  1. Instant feedback to students.


  1. Greater flexibility with respect to locations and timing.


  1. Improves security of the testing enterprise.


  1. Immediate test scoring (Poggio, Glasnapp, yang and Poggio, 2005).


  1. New and more complex item formats can be administered (ICILS).


  1. Improved reliability.


  1. Item banks and randomization of items and response orders to reduce cheating.


  1. Greater storage efficiency.
  2. Enhanced question styles which incorporate interactivity and multimedia.


  1. Enhanced presentation of items.


  1. Unrestricted by the physical limitations of test booklets, computer administered test.


  1. It is reliable, Robust, flexible.


  1. Time analysis of responses to the question level to better discriminate between candidates.


  1. Improved impartiality.


  1. Allows subsequent changes to an answer without the uncertainty of knowing whether a poorly erased answer might invalidate the new selection.


  1. Immediate score reporting


  1. Ability to track and display the time remaining on the examination.


  1. Lower long-term costs.


  1. Improved Security.


  1. Computer Based Testing (CBT) has emerged as one of the recent innovative approaches to assessments by Examination Bodies.


  1. Reduces administration costs.


  1. Adaptive (targeted) testing can be used to get more precise measures in shorter testing time (ETLS).


  1. Access to interactive item formats.


  1. Skills needed to act efficiently in technology rich environments can only be assessed through CBT.


  1. No cost for printing and data entry.


  1. It reduces Paper.


  1. It reduces printing transportation.


  1. Automated analysis of results of entire candidates.


  1. Opportunity to review any questions on the examination. You can change answers, mark or skip questions. Should your time expire while taking the examination, all answers, regardless of how they are marked, will be calculated into your score.

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