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Read 10 Good Reasons Why You Should Never Join MMM  –  I don’t need to tell you how I have been one of the major promoters of MMM and the ideology of MMM here in Nigeria, however I want to take this time out to tell you 10 reasons you should *NEVER* join MMM.

1. If you are very wealthy and 100% financially free, don’t join MMM.

2. If you still see MMM as a scam or a system robbing Peter to pay Paul, don’t join MMM.

3. If you are still insinuating Sergey Mavrodi (MMM founder) would one day wake up and ghost away (maybe to Mars or Pluto) with MMM participants monies, don’t join MMM.

4. MMM is a community of people helping one another financially. If you are still vehemently demanding to be convinced where the 30% interest comes from (from local currencies) or where the 50% interest comes from (from bitcoin), don’t join MMM.

5. If you believe money must be made the hard way, via sweat and pains, via survival of the fittest… Don’t join MMM.

6. If you are still looking for MMM business model canvass, don’t join MMM.

7. If you don’t understand the power in unity, don’t join MMM.

8. If you are still being sceptical that any government could shut down the MMM personal office website, don’t join MMM.

9. If you are not interested in poverty alleviation, don’t join MMM.

10. Finally, don’t join MMM if you think MMM participants are foolish. I mean, do you think you’re smarter than hundreds of millions of MMM participants in different continents?

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