REMINDERS To All 2017 N-Power Applicants | Current N-Power Beneficiaries

This article is just REMINDERS To All 2017 N-Power Applicants and also for Current N-Power 2016 Beneficiaries. The N-Power page is NOW verified. Note the blue tick.

Remember that the ONLY information you should believe must come from this page.

1. ONLY applicants whose BVN records match their applications will proceed to the Assessment Test Stage. The arrangement of the names doesn’t disqualify you.

2. There is a NEW Assessment Test Schedule. You won’t receive an SMS till the stipulated date for your category.

3. STOP trying to log in if it isn’t the period for your assessment. You may be disqualified.

4. Applicants whose records DON’T match will also receive an SMS that their application journey has come to an end.

Follow the instructions.

Instructions are there to protect you.

N-Power 2017/2018 Application Process:

  1. Application
  2. BVN Validation
  3. Test Assessment
  4. Device Selection
  5. Pre Selection of applicants
  6. Physical verification
  7. Selection of applicants
  8. Deployment of applicants


We have sent SMS to ALL N-Power TAX applicants to either proceed to the Assessment Test phase or that their application journey has come to an end.

If you registered for N-Power TAX and you have NOT received any SMS, please post your Reference number in the comment section.

N-Power 2016/2017 Beneficiaries Device Selection Process:

Now, many of you have been asking questions about the devices.

We will provide a detailed explanation on that soon.

Till then, N-Power Agro volunteers did you know?

2017 N-Power Applicants

The 2017/2018 N-Power Application portal will now close on Thursday, July 27th, 2017.

The application portal is still open to ALL categories except N-Power TAX.

NOTE: If you post a reference number that has NOTHING to do with N-Power TAX, you will be automatically disqualified.

All day everyday, we are finding ways to make your N-Power experience easier.

Let us have a conversation. We want to hear from you.

Why do you think N-Power beneficiaries will be given devices?

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