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If you are looking forward to Skyway Capital registration or login page? have you taken time to read the reviews on Skyway Capital investment?

Here is the review, click on this link to read the Skyway Capital investment review, scam or legit?

Let us come back to the Skyway Capital investment registration and login.

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Investment in the SkyWay transport technology and Become a co-owner of the string transport technology

This article will guide you on Skyway Login. Do you want to register on Skyway Capital website? Sign up on is the official website of the Skyway Capital. This page will review the platform for you so you can decide if you would join or not. All you need to do is to focus and read about Skyway Capital platform.

SkyWay has more than one site. So do you want to log in,? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Just know that Skyway Capital is doing everything possible to make things easy. This page will review the platform for you so you can decide if you would join or not.

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Are you aware that to sign up on is very easy. Simply follow the steps that will be given to you here. Please kindly bear with us as regards the constant 504 gateway issue that Skyway Capital website/portal has persisted for days now and has grown worse.

This article will guide on Skyway Capital login and how to register on Skyway Capital platform. Simply follow the guidelines here and you will be able to sign up and login to Skyway Capital platform.

Let’s explain to you how it works. Firstly, once you registered with your money, you will be eligible to earn a profit of 50% within 3 days. The Skyway Capital investment is a very lucrative one from what we have seen so far.

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Skyway Capital Registration Guide

I would want to run you straight to the registration link, click this link to join the golden platform that offers the unbeaten percentage in a week time.

If you registered with the above link, it automatically makes me your up line which means i will have to guide you through any issue you will have in Skyway Investment.

Do not worry, i am able and capable to guide you through and help you in case of any unforeseen situations or issues ahead.

The first thing you need to do is to create an account on the platform You will then be required to activate your account

The cost of the activation fee is N1,000.  Once you have activated your account, you can then proceed.

Skyway Capital requires you to make an investment within the next 24hours after activating your account.

Members can invest from N1000 to N1,000,000. Please invest in only what you can afford.

Skyway has been properly setup and no one can dupe any body right after getting his or her bonus.

How to invest in SkyWay?

  • Register in the personal office of investor
  • Choose the investment offer that suits you best and pay in the way convenient for you
  • Get a certificate confirming that you are entered in the Registry of the company co-owners.



Skyway Capital is a nice investment platform, but as i would let you know that everything we do in life is risk, and the end of every risk is bound to gain or lose.

This Opportunity to become a owner with one of the new largest transport technology that’s about to solve over 50% of world transport only comes once in a lifetime. With $600, you can get 30000 units of shares.

With $1200, you can get 108000, with 12 months installment payment. Hurry now and grab this wonderful opportunity while the offer last.

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A break down of how Skyway Capital works

Anatoli Unitsky about targeted projects, stage 15 and plans for the future
Dear investors and partners, here is a brief summary of the interview with the founder of the SkyWay project, Anatoli Unitsky, which was released on 3 May. From the text, you will get to know how many targeted projects are planned for this year, how long the 15th development stage will last, and what capitalization the company will have in 5 and 10 years.

SkyWay and the GPV

When I was a student, I came up with the idea of the General Planetary Vehicle (GPV). Then, out of the GPV, there emerged the string transport system, which is known as SkyWay or Unitsky String Transport. I simplified the GPV flyover to string rails, on which the electric vehicle on steel wheels could run.
A new office in Belarus
This nine-story building is more than ten thousand square metres. This is where our engineering company Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. is headquartered. We have 36 buildings in different countries. The co-owners of these buildings are our investors. The buildings are our common ownership, acquired for funds invested in the technology.

Cosmic soil

The EcoCosmoHouse will use cosmic soil, which consists of a light mineral part and pores filled with humus. This is relict humus from coal or shale. Lignite has all the elements necessary for life. Such soil weighs 500 kilograms per cubic meter, three times lighter than ordinary soil and richer than chernozem.
Tracks and transport
There have been build five tracks at the EcoTechnoPark, and now, there are two more tracks underway for the heavy vehicles. In the Emirates, one 400-metre track has already been built and two 2.5- kilometre tracks are under construction. We have also designed 12 transport models in a short period of time. All these are manufactured products.
We have created powerful production facilities and fitted them with modern equipment. We have five-axis and seven-axis machines that cost a million dollars each. No other enterprise in Belarus possesses such a complete set of equipment. Our investors also co-own those facilities.

Targeted projects

The first stages of work on targeted projects are already ongoing. This year, we will announce several targeted projects that we are undertaking. These are not the projects that are planned for the future, these are projects that we are already working on.

Brand SkyWay

Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. is the parent company. SkyWay is the brand name of the particular product at the particular stage of development.

The SkyWay electric drive

Unlike a pavement vehicle, our vehicles can run on batteries, overhead system or rail. We are the only company to implement that.

Development stage 15

On stage 15, there is to be built a track to test the high-speed transport. The necessary design solutions and the vehicle itself are already in place for that. Presumably, stage 15 could last for about 2 years.

The high-speed track

We started the second procedure to get permission to build the high-speed track in Belarus. If we are refused, we have other options in other countries, for example, in the Emirates. But the cost of construction is higher there.
The beginning of capitalization
IPO is just one option for capitalization. An IPO is needed to get more money, but we can do it in a different way. The capitalization is already underway, albeit slowly. The serious capitalization will begin when we start building the specific tracks. I’m sure that will happen this year.

Plans for the future

In 5 years, the capitalization of our Group of Companies is to be at least $500 billion. In 10 years, – at least a trillion dollars. There will be dozens and hundreds of projects in work. We will have specialized production for various elements of the string system. We already have the technology in place to make separate production for the urban, freight, and high-speed vehicles.

Wishes to investors

I wish you patience in waiting. No business plan has ever had a deadline. These are projections, and life always makes serious adjustments. The key is patience and understanding.
For more information contact 08034257268. Or Whatssp 09054070847.
To register click on link below

Note: we are not in any way affiliated with SkyWay, we are just participants like you but with more knowledge of how it all works

Having participated and it is really good to me, i can only be positive and encourage others, but you have to be aware of every risk you take.

Nothing is guaranteed, even tomorrow is not.

COMMENT BELOW if you seriously want to start.

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