SPW Salary October 2022 Update – See Special Public Works Payment Guide

Are you among those that have been waiting for SPW Payment or to see SPW Salary October 2022 Update? if yes then, we encourage you to read this latest news as regards to Special Public Works 2022 Payment update on the spw program works stipends now.

It is important that we remind all our readers about how much SPW will pay all beneficiaries at the end of every month, this will help them plan their expenses and other things.

Please Understand that- People that will receive SPW Salary October 2022 is only those that were selected during spw recruitment 2021/2022 exercise and was shortlisted as special public works programs beneficiary in their respective local governments in Nigeria.

All beneficiaries are to know that 774000 SPW Salary/Payment for every month will be paid at the end of the month or the first week of a new month. For this month of October 2022, the Special Public Works (SPW) Salary will be paid by the end of the month of October, 2022 or first week of October, 2022.

Special Public Works Salary October 2022 Payment Update

All beneficiaries of the 774,000 Special Public Works Programme under the National Directorate of Employment would be paid a total sum of N60,000 for the period of three months and they’re to perform various community services in their Various LGA’s across Nigeria.

The N60,000 is just for 3 months. You are expected to use the money to grow your business and help reduce the high rate of unemployment in your neighborhood/community.

Reason Why You’re Yet to Receive Your SPW Salary/Payment 

There maybe delay in the payment of SPW monthly payment or Salary 2022 because of bank delay in dispatching payment to the beneficiaries.

Also if you have not linked your account with your BVN or if you provided a wrong account number when you were applying for the job.

You should not be worried if you are yet to receive your monthly stipend, you will surely be paid as long as you have worked.

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