Steadypeer Registration/Login And How it works –

Steadypeer Registration/Login  SteadyPeer is just a peer to peer Donation community platform. SteadyPeer is were you make donation to a fellow SteadyPeer participant, and before 7 days maximum time you’ll be matched with 2 SteadyPeer participants who will each donate to you.

Once you become a SteadyPeer member by registering on the SteadyPeer website. Please make sure you read their Terms and Conditions.

During your registration, you are been expected to select a package that fits you, Example (₦2,000; ₦5,000; ₦10,000; ₦20,000) Please Note: member can change from one Package to another package whenever he or she want, from your dashboard by simply writing to Support indicating which package you want to migrate to.

After you have Successful registered, you will be automatically matched to make a donation to another SteadyPeer member. You are expected to make the donation within Twelve (12) hours. Upon confirmation of your donation, your SteadyPeer account will be instantly activated, and you’ll be able to receive payments.

Please Note The Following:

To ensure sustainability and continuous survival of the system, we have implemented an auto-recycling algorithm. What this means is that the moment you are matched to receive donations and you confirm receipts of all donations, you will automatically be placed in a queue to donate again. So do not be surprised if you get matched to donate again immediately you confirm receipts of all your donations. If you have benefited from the platform, you should be willing to continue donating and receiving donations.

Fraudulent participants will be deleted completely from the system and their details will be published on the Black List Page. Please Note: If you have been matched to make payment and you do not have the money to make payment at that point please click on the “I Cannot Make Payment” Button against the order. Your Account will be suspended but you can always write to support to reopen your account whenever you have the money to donate. Uploading a fake Proof Of Payment (POP) is a criminal act. If found guilty of this offence you will be permanently removed from the system never to participate again.

has frequent information on their News Page. We urge you always read the news displayed on the steadypeer News Page.

For Steadypeer Registration/Login visit invest wisely.

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