Steps On How To Save Your Money | Money Advice Tips

How To Save Your Money, Yes saving money is not easy, below are some easy tips to make saving easy!


Sometimes you putting the money away doesn’t seem worth it over time. You see a number in your bank account, and it doesn’t seem to have any real value. Just imaging what you are saving for, Whether it’s a project or for your retirement will help you keep going. Some of those “less fun” goals like your retirement it’s very very important for you to reward yourself so that you can keep going. For example, If you want a new pair of shoes, Maybe you have decided to come up with a plan to save like 15,000 first in retirement (Base on your income). Then buy those shoes when you hit your goal.

Have Your Savings In A Second Bank Account

Have a bank account with a different bank, Like if your main bank is with Access Bank, now open another bank account with UBA or another bank. You can decide not to take the ATM card or the Bank withdrawal slip. This will help you to easily save without seeing the money.
You can also set up automatic transfers that move the money into your savings account. I have been doing this for years, and it makes A HUGE difference.

Don’t Not Shop With Friends

Sometimes peer pressure can encourage you to spend more than what you plan, or go for some of the more expensive options which was not what you planned. If you have friends, who enjoy shopping, do not go for shopping with them! Try to shop under pressure or in a hurry; You will avoid certain items that are more expensive. And go for what you actually needed at that particular time.

Plan Some Stuff!

What does this have to do with your saving money?
Have you one day “Thought” you had something and you looked everywhere and you are unable to find that thing. When things are organized you will never be boarded, You also know that things you don’t really plan for, maybe a challenge.


Let learn to save more money! But it’s something easier said than done. We can make a big difference with simple tips such as these. When we are willing to at least slightly downgrade our lifestyle we can make a big difference in our ability to save.

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