The 10 Important Things You Must Learn How To Do Before Graduating From University

Listed below here are the things you must learn how to do before graduating from University, this will help you in life and I will tell you that you will never regret you did.

1. BE A COMPUTER LITERATE: This will also enhance your chance of getting a cool job when you graduate…remember we are in information age…that you don’t have laptop is never an excuse, you can enroll for computer training.

2. BE A MAN OF YOUR WORD: This will make you trustworthy and also a man of integrity. INTEGRITY COUNTS!

3. LEARN SOME SKILL SET: Life is not always rosy as we think, especially when you graduate…even your parents may stop giving you pocket money and you don’t need to blame them. Learn how to bake cake, chinchin, learn decorations, Computer programming, etc. This will help you a lot to survive both in school and when you graduate…you get me?

4. START SAVING: Start saving part of your pocket money, learn to depend on yourself at times. Common stop being a spendthrift! Cut down your expenses and save! How will it sound calling your parents to send you money to buy underwear? Lol…..

5. DEVELOP AN ENTREPRENEURSHIP SPIRIT: learn to take calculated risk, attend entrepreneurship classes, this will help you to survive in labour market…yes, it pays to be wise!

6. LEARN HOW TO DRIVE: believe me, it worth it, it gotta be captivating…I Can relate wella oh. Trust me, one day it will put food on your table, somehow..

For Ladies: You better learn how to cook good food. Yes, you must learn it. It is a necessity. If u fail to do so…you’re on your own. I’m sure you know what i mean.

7. LEARN HOW TO APPROACH PEOPLE YOU ADMIRE A LOT: Come on, stop being shy, why shall you shy? Lol…Make a bold walk to them and exchange pleasantries, initiate friendship…You never can tell if you gonna b meeting your potential wife or hubby at the campus, I have seen it happen…but, please don’t misquote me, apply wisdom and manners okay!

8. BUILD NETWORK OF GREAT FRIENDS: Stop taking people for granted, at least be social and friendly! Your destiny helpers may likely be the people you meet at the campus.

9. DEVELOP YOUR TALENT: Even the Bible says that The gift of a man makes a way for him, never neglect your gift. If you can write, keep writing, if you can sing, keep singing. If you have leadership potential….develop it..

10 THE POWER OF CHOICE: The choice you make in your university days may affect your whole life. Guys, stop chasing ladies up and down try chasing your dream. Ladies; it is good to look classy but also make your brain classy, it worth it. Young lady, get yourself packaged and get sense too; don’t depend on any guy for finance…your future isn’t tied on them.

Go for lectures, do your assignments, prepare and write your exam.

Just take good choices to avoid had i known tomorrow.

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May God bless our hand work. AMEN.

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