The New N-Npower Assessment Test Schedule Date For All Categories –

Please see the New N-Npower Assessment Test Schedule Date listed below.

Note: This applies ONLY to those who have not gotten the SMS or written the N-Npower Assessment test.

New N-Npower Assessment Test Schedule Date for N-Power Tax

Date:                   Programme

July 15th               N-Power Tax

July 16th               N-Power Tax

July 17th               N-Power Tax

July  18th              N-Power Tax

July 19th               N-Power Tax

July 20th               N-Power Health

July 21st                N-Power Health

July 22nd               N-Power Health

July 23rd               N-Power Health

July 24th               N-Power Health

New N-Npower Assessment Test Schedule Date for  N-Power Agro

Date:                   Programme

July 25th               N-Power Agro

July 25th               N-Power Agro

July 26th               N-Power Agro

July 27th               N-Power Agro

July 28th               N-Power Agro

July 29th               N-Power Agro

July 30th               N-Power Agro

July 31st                N-Power Agro

August 1st              N-Power Agro

New N-Npower Assessment Test Schedule Date for N-Power Teach

Date:                   Programme

August 2nd            N-Power Teach

August 3rd            N-Power Teach

August 4th             N-Power Teach

August 5th             N-Power Teach

August 6th             N-Power Teach

August 7th             N-Power Teach

August 8th             N-Power Teach

August 9th             N-Power Teach

August 10th           N-Power Teach

August 11th           N-Power Teach

August 12th           N-Power Teach

August 13th           N-Power Teach

August 14th           N-Power Teach

August 15th           N-Power Teach

August 16th           N-Power Teach

August 17 – 31st   July 15th – 27 applications closes.

The Application portal will now close on Thursday, July 27th, 2017. The application portal is still open to ALL categories except N-Power TAX.

REMINDER: Do NOT panic. N-Power Agro and N-Power Teach assessment tests have NOT commenced. Please Do NOT pay money to ANYONE for N-Power.

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The N-Power application is FREE. N-TAX and N-Health applicants will still receive SMS to log in and write their assessment tests. On the 14th of July 2017 N-Power had the pleasure of receiving Acting President Yemi Osinbajo at the N-Power Situation Room. Don’t just Read and Go, Kindly Use the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Share button below to help other Applicants.


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