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Theachievas  Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should I Put?

At This Time, You Should Give Only 50,000 Naira To Any Recipient. No More, No Less. And Within 2 Hours.


How It Works works on the of 2:1 metrix in which you recieve 100% ROI of invested amount. When you donate a token of #50000 to a sponsor and your account is confirmed, on or before 7 days you’ll be matched with 2 participants to donate #50000 each to you, hence you PH #50000 ad GH #100000. write to the support if you are not matched after 7days.

Who Is Resonsible For Your Loss?
Nobody At All. This Include The Admins, Your Referer, Member Of Any Level Or Otherwise. We Are Not Promising 24 hours Service But The Admins Have All Hands On Deck Trying To Fix All Issues You Might Face.
If You Loose Money By Involving In This Platform, You May Contact The Admin For Help Which Does Not Include A Refund.
What Can Get Me Blocked?
There Are 2 Reasons You Can Get Blocked

  1. If You Refuse To Confirm A Donation After Recieving A Payment From A Donor, Your Acoount Will Be Indefinately Blocked. All Unpaid Donation Will Be Destroyed
  2. If You Do Not Make At Least 1 Donation Within 7 Days From Your Last Donation, Your Account Will Be Blocked
What To Do If Someone Refuses To Comfirm Payment?
When This Happens, You Can Can Contact Admin On The Support Page, Explaining Your Issue. In Your Message, Specify The Recipient Name And Phone Number.
What Happens When My Account Get Block?
Blocking Of Account Is A Serious Event. This Is To Provide Satisfactory Service To All Who Engage In This Platform.
When Your Account Is Blocked, All Future Activities Will Be Erased Without A Warning And All Investment Becomes A Vain. If You Think You Were Blocked By Mistake, Contact The Admin On The Support Page

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