Those Criticizing MMM Will Regret For Late Registration By Engr Joseph

Those criticizing MMM will Regret for Late Registration by Engr Joseph a Member Stock Broker in Nigeria.

Engr Joseph from Imo state, he was one of the best Stock Brokers in Nigeria before he left as the economy keeps nosediving and in an irretrievably recession.

He siad he don’t blame SEC, CBN or anyone who says MMM is a scam and would crash soon because they are just placing a “FOOLISH” label on themselves, As for some of his brothers who sit down under a withered Mango tree and wishes MMM crashes soon and waiting for participants to cry, once you close your eyes to sleep may you never wake up because you want everyone to be at the same poverty level with you!!


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He quoted that ”Fear has made a lot of people so comfortable with poverty!, They are so eager to see MMM crash!! why? Because they want everyone to be on the same level with them!

The Federal Government has never told us the truth about anything, but people choose to believe them about what they said of MMM?…

One said to me with passion ” You will lose your money”… I told him ” No problem, Those who lost theirs in savannah bank, shares, global recession etc have they died? Have they stopped putting their money in banks??”

Nigeria federal government will loot us in anyway possible but when we encounter one financial freedom for ourselves, they will want to feed us with fear discourage us via media! Because Nigerian are very fearful people.

I love the MMM ideology! I have given Help and gotten help and am growing financially, just like thousands of MMM participants in Nigeria!.

Some say 30% is not possible, I told them if it was Diamond bank or wema bank etc that said it gives 30%, you will believe and put yourur money, won’t u?

If MMM was paying tax to the Federal government, do you think that they will be against it? Why haven’t our Federal Government sponsored the media spoke evil against Casino, NairaBet, Bet9ja, Pool and other gambling agencies??
They won’t Because they pay taxes!
“I strongly believe that those who are been deceived by federal government and other campaign calumny against MMM will soon regret on their Late registration.”

In a match, there must be players and spectators!.I choose to be a player because only players get paid, spectators only watch and run their mouths and spend money buying tickets!..
We are changing Nigeria! Don’t criticizing MMM Cause you will later end up regretting.
*MMM Rocks!!*
*Long live MMM*

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