Top Best Forex Trading Tutorial in 2020 – Is Cash FX Group Legit or a Scam

Are you looking for Forex trading tutorial that you will get paid while learning? if yes then you are at the right place as I will introduce to you Cash FX and all you need to know about them. Cash FX is your perfect trading academy company, combined with Forex, trading system and network marketing.

The complex world of Forex just got a lot easier with Cash Forex Group

Here are the best Forex site for live news and staying updated on daily forex trading analysis and forecasts. CFX has combined Academy learning with real forex success with our Trade Contracts.

About Cash FX Group

Cash Forex Group is founded by people who always wanted more. An international team of experts in project management, network marketing and financial markets, associated with a highly trained staff in the educational arena, passionate about helping people master their own financial success.

Name: Cash Forex Group (CFX)

Owners: Huascar Lopez &

Type of Business: Forex Trading (network marketing)

Price: $300 (minimum)

Overall Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Buy packs, have the company trade for you, make money.

That’s the simple explanation of what is going on.

But of course, there’s more to it than just that.

As of now, Cash FX Group is paying, and they are not making any excuses.

Once pay starts slowing down, that’s when you need to be careful.


The Cash Forex Group has developed their own in-house trading team and EA engineers. This dedicated team uses a unique approach to Forex trading and long-term risk management. Led by Co-founder Edwin Abad, the CFX team manages all day-to-day trading operations in addition to EA and AI technology development.

Forex Trading Tutorial Program

CFX EA (Expert Advisor) algorithms, AI technology and professional forex trading team working together, create an extraordinary FX trading platform. All CFX technology is managed by our own trade technicians.

We have completed over 40,000 successful payouts, proving to our satisfied customers a new way to profit in business.

Trading Forex Is For Everyone

There are several reasons why you should opt for the FX over other markets. It is larger than any other and with way more liquidity. We can tell you dozens of benefits of forex trading, but the main one: it is for everyone. With our Trading Academy and automated system you will have access to deep analysis and strategies from great minds, in order for you to have the success you’ve always longed for, because now the wait is over.

This academy is for everyone:

  • Seeking financial independence
  • Who wants to better understand how financial markets work
  • People who have improved their knowledge and learned to operate correctly
  • Interested in reading graphs and technical analysis of financial asset prices
  • Anyone who wants to understand better and start on the financial markets


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