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The TSTv Decoder Distribution Centers & Features of TStv Decoder/Set Top Box. This is to inform the general public that the official unveiling and launch of TStv Africa will be transmitted live on AIT network from 6-9pm today, 1st October, 2017.

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Telcom Satellites Ltd owners of “TStv Africa” wishes to inform the general public that the official unveiling and launch of TStv Africa Pay Tv brand on 1st October 2017 remains sacrosanct.
The event was not cancelled or postponed contrary to reports peddled by some mischief makers.
TStv Africa official launch on 1st October 2017 is on course for real.

TStv is a dream come true for Nigerians.

Basically, there are 3 unique features you get from TStv; pay-as-you-watch, Wi-Fi, and video conferencing.

I’ll tell you more on that later…

Nigerians have been complaining bitterly about exploitation by DStv Nigeria.

The pay TV, which has dominated the Nigerian TV market since 1994, offers premium services charged at monthly rates.

This has been a nightmare to most subscribers as they’ll rather pay for what they use than being compelled to subscribe monthly – even though they may not exhaust their subscription.

But it seems things will take a new turn with the advent of TStv, a new direct-to-home TV in Nigeria, which is set to offer a pay-as-you-consume plan to customers at a much more affordable price.

This is a unique service in Nigeria; It’s a good news to Nigerians but a bad market to other pay TV providers like Startimes Nigeria.

The new company plans to offer various unique services that will make life easy for average Nigerians. I really hope they deliver their promises and maintain good value.

TStv is a direct-to-home (DTH) pay TV provider that will officially launch in Nigeria on the 1st of October, 2017 (Independence Day).

TStv is short for Telcom Satellite Television. The name indicates that the company uses a hybrid technology which combines both satellite and telecom (internet) services to offer TV broadcast to its consumers. Read more on hybrid broadcast.

TSTv Decoder has Pause subscription, PVR function, Video call, free data, 500GB storage space, wifi / hotspots function, over 70 channels, #free one month subscription and lots more.

Who Owns TSTv Decoder?

TStv is exclusively owned by Telecom Satellite Limited, a registered company here in Nigeria. Bright Echefu is the Managing Director/CEO of TStv.

The company signed a multi-transponder agreement with Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) to deliver a DTH service into Nigeria on ABS-3A satellite, Africa beam which is located at the prime video neighborhood of 3 ͦ W.

So, you’ll be correct to say that TStv is an indigenous TV provider that has come to rescue us from the downside of monopoly with the pay-as-you-consume plan. This is similar to the way Glo came with per second billing (PSB) when MTN and Econet (now Airtel) claimed it was impossible to operate that way.

TStv Decoder/Set Top Box Price in Nigeria

Tstv set top box/ decoder

The decoder (also known as Set Top Box (STB)) and dish will be available for just ₦5000 and comes with numerous features.

The best part is you get 20GB free data bundle, which can be used for making video calls and surfing the internet by connecting your phone or laptop via Wi-Fi. This makes it serve as a modem.

You’ll also be able to record TV programs to its 50GB internal hard drive. If this space isn’t enough, you can connect your external hard drive for more videos.

The decoder allows you to connect to the internet, stream media, and access subscribed content. It also lets you browse content from Facebook, Twitter, video-on-demand sites, OTT apps among others.

Features of TStv Decoder/Set Top Box

The STB has various unique and awesome features. I’ve highlighted them here for you.

  • Webcam
  • Video calls with other subscribers via IP
  • Pause subscription function
  • Record and playback
  • 50GB internal storage
  • External hard drive compatibility (up to 1TB)
  • Internet access
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB 3.0
  • 1GB Ethernet
  • RF for hybrid remote controls


TSTv Decoder Subscription Prices

Subscription prices are ₦200, ₦500, ₦1000, ₦1500, and ₦3000. Just like making phone calls, you’re not billed unless you use the service.

This is the unique pay-as-you-consume feature the pay TV offers as against the monthly subscription offered by other providers, where you pay for what you use and what you don’t use.

TStv also offers subscribers 20GB monthly data for just ₦3000 to enjoy its 4.5G network. This is good news since you can connect your laptop and phone over Wi-Fi. I just hope the network will be strong enough in all areas.

According to TStv, this monthly data is available for extension on demand. If I understand this correctly, it means the service isn’t compulsory. Only if you wish.

Thinking about it; 20GB for just ₦3000? That’s cheap!

This could also pose a threat to network providers like Mtn, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel who offer less than 10GB for the same amount. What do you think?

Where to Buy TStv Decoder/Set Top Box in Nigeria

The STBs are not yet available for sale in all parts of the country. Click here to confirm the availability in your state and the location of accredited dealers.

TStv aims to cover all 36 states of the federation but, for now, will launch in Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Portharcourt, and Owerri. The service will extend to other states later on. The company is probably planning to test-run their service on a small scale before expanding to a large scale.

This way, I believe they’ll make it even better before it becomes available in other locations.

The company is seeking dealers to help distribute the product nationwide. Register here if you’re interested in becoming a super-dealer, sub-dealer, or retailer.

TStv Channels List

The new DTH TV plans to air 200 channels but will begin with 100 channels for now. This figure will later be increased to 150 and subsequently 200.

These channels include 12 sports channels for all live football leagues be it UEFA Champions League, Europa League, English Premier League, Spanish Laliga, or Italian Serie A. Some of the sports channels include BeIN Sports 1-10, Fox Sports HD, and Ts Sports.

The channels are a combination of local, regional, and international channels; they incorporate news, entertainment, kids, health, sports, and education content.

Worry not if you prefer native programs since they’ll come in different languages including Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Ghanaian, Liberian, and Sierra Leonean languages.

TStv Nigeria

You may be wondering if TSTv Decoder would be able to air some live football matches like the ones I mentioned above since DStv has exclusive rights over them. Well, according to their reply to a post on Facebook, they have all the legal rights and infrastructures to air all sports exciting moments live.

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