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Welcome to the website of Ukraine 2018 Visa Lottery Application Centre in Nigeria. Ukraine today is a country with lots of opportunity and beautiful lives for its citizens and inhabitants, little wonder many people wants to travel to Ukraine.

This article will reveal to you that there are different kinds of Ukraine visa which we will be discussing right here. And for the purpose of this post, we will look into the general guide for successful Ukraine visa application.

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Ukraine Visa Application Types

There are different types of Ukraine visa which one can apply; the type of visa for Ukraine one applies depends on one’s purpose of traveling to Ukraine. And we shall consider the following Ukraine visa application types simply because of their popularity in demand.

Note: Ukraine visa type is not limited to the following visas listed below;

  • Student Visa
  • Work Visa 
  • Family Visitor Visa

There are other type of Visa individual can apply which will solely depend on the reason for which such an individual wants to travel to Ukraine.

Ukraine Visa Application Requirements?

  • You must have a valid travel document (such as a passport).
  • Two recent passport photos will be required. Ensure these photos meet the requirements.
  • Enclose the application fee. Your fee will not be refunded, even if your application is not accepted.
  • Identification cards, proof of employment, a letter of invitation from relatives or friends in Ukraine, or a proposed itinerary. Check the website of the visa office responsible for the country or region where you live for more information.
  • Proof that you have enough money for your visit to Ukraine. The amount of money may vary, depending on the circumstances for your visit, how long you will stay and whether you will stay in a hotel, or with friends or relatives.
  • You can get more information from the Ukraine visa office in Nigeria.

Ukraine Visa Study permit:

1. Proof of acceptance
2. Proof of identity
3. Proof of financial support
4. Letter of explanation
5. TOEFL / IELTS score, if applicable
6. Visa fee to be payable by Bank draft
7. Copies of Academic Mark sheets and Certificates
8. Work Experience Certificates, if applicable

Other Ukraine Visa Application Requirements And Guide

The length of time it takes to finalize applications may be different at different visa offices. You should contact your nearest consulate for more information.

How to Obtain Ukraine Visa Permanent Residence

You must apply in your country of residence, your country of nationality or the country where you have been legally admitted for at least one year.

Applicants for Travel Documents (Permanent Residents Abroad)

If you are a permanent resident outside of Ukraine and you need proof of status so that you can return to Ukraine, you should apply at the Ukraine visa office that serves the country you’re in.

How long is the visa valid for?

Student visas and authorization are valid for the duration of the program of study

If you want to extend your stay in Ukraine as a student, you must complete the Application to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Ukraine. Check the expiry date on your study permit, and make sure you apply before that date. You should apply for renewal at least 30 days before your current permit expires.

How do I find out if I can work while studying in Ukraine?

Foreign students can work in Ukraine during their studies, and after they graduate. In most cases, you will need to apply for one of the student-related work permits, which are required if you want to work in a co-op/internship placement, off campus, or after graduating from your studies (Post-Graduation Work Permit Program).

How To Apply For Ukraine 2018 Visa Lottery from Nigeria

1. There are two means of filling Ukraine visa application. Interested applicant should visit the nearest Ukraine consulate office in the country to make inquiries and then apply from there.

2. You can also apply for Ukraine visa application online, where you will have to download and then fill up all the necessary and required information and details which will be reviewed for approval.

If you are not eligible or do not want to work under a student-related work permit program (such as the Off Campus Work Permit Program, On Campus Work Program, Post Graduation Work Permit Program, or Internship Program), you can apply for a work permit to work in Ukraine during or after your studies under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

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