Uniport Students Protest Over Close Of SCHOOL FEES PORTAL

UNIVERSITY OF PORT HARCOURT Uniport Students Protest Over Close Of SCHOOL FEES PORTAL. Uniport Students PRESENTS  Save Our Future Peaceful Match.
It is no longer news that the School Management of the University of Port Harcourt CLOSED THE SCHOOL FEES PORTAL of the University before the first semester examination and have refused to reopen it (despite plead from affected students, which is up to 30% of the whole school students) for those that were not able to pay then to pay now. The School Administration have insisted that those that were not able to pay will REPEAT A SESSION OR HAVE AN EXTRA YEAR (for those in final year).

It is on this note that the Students in a bid to SECURE their future will be engaging on a *PEACEFUL CIVIL RIGHT MATCH* with details:
*Date: 20th July, 2017*
*Dress Code was, White polo and Blue Jeans (No Uniform, no participation)



I am Joseph, a son of a petty market woman,with a great dream.
A dream, some claim is a mountain
To me, I cannot surmount.
But I believe in my dream.
Like Luther King I have a dream.
Mine is to positively influence my society.
This dream I will never jettison.
All because I HAVE A DREAM.

It has been my driving force.
With thesame dream I came to the University.
It has not been easy since day one.
I am now in the final flap,
With a flying colours of good grades.
Fasting has been my hubby,
Because feeding well is a luxury.
To supplement the stipend mummy give.
I travel to Lagos to hustle during holidays.
All because I HAVE A DREAM.

My dream is now to be cut short.
The school says “I am to have AN EXTRA YEAR”
Or FAIL OUT without a certificate.
Not because I failed a course.
But because I was not able
To pay my school fees first semester before examination.
Not even the second semester.
Fees I have been paying since day one to three.
Because I know the school runs on it.
All because I HAVE A DREAM.

Will these be my Bamuda triangle?
Is it a crime to be poor and have a dream?
How do you expect me to see this society,
That wants to exterminate my dream?
Sleep is out of my eye.
Trauma is now my middle name.
What will I tell my poor mother?
Does it mean I have wasted Four years here?
God help me.

All because I HAVE A DREAM.

Students call on the general public and Government Authorities to intervene and plead with the school management of the University of Port Harcourt, Choba to REOPEN THE SCHOOL FEES PORTAL for those that have their fees to go and pay, to save a life because what the school administration wants to do can END A LIFE or MAKE ONE TURN A NUISANCE TO THE SOCIETY.

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