Update on US election 2016: What will Bill Clinton’s title be if Hillary wins the presidency election

It’s a question that has followed Hillary Clinton throughout her presidential campaign and launched thousands of Google searches. What will Bill Clinton be called if she is elected president?

On the global stage, Mr Clinton’s potential role is nothing new. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s husband, chemistry professor Joachim Sauer, is referred to by his own name while financier Philip John May is married to new British Prime Minister Theresa May. Like in Germany, the UK has no title for their leader’s spouse.

But in the US, where the couple is traditionally referred to as the president and first lady, the answer may not be so simple.

Though there has never been a male presidential spouse in the White House, the official title for the role of a husband of a US state governor is First Gentleman.

The US currently has six first gentlemen.

The term, in fact, became a trending hashtag on social media during Mr Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. Google also reported that the question about the 42nd president’s possible title spiked in searches during that hour.

But FGOTUS (First Gentleman of the United States) may not sound as smooth as FLOTUS, the acronym used for the first lady.

Some have suggested First Dude or First Laddie, a nod to Mr Clinton’s Celtic heritage.

“He said the other day that it was fine for all this talk about me running to break the big hard glass ceiling and become president. But he was running to break the iron grip that woman had had on being spouse of the president. And so I think part of what we’ll have to figure out is what do you call the male spouse of a female president,” Mrs Clinton quipped on Jimmy Kimmel Live last November.

“Now, it’s a little bit more complicated with him because people still call former presidents Mr President. So I have to really work on this.”

“First dude, first mate, first gentleman, I’m just not sure,” Mrs Clinton added.

She was right. As a former president, Mr Clinton will always be referred to by his previous title, which means they would become Mr and Mrs President – or in the case of a Hillary Clinton administration – Mrs and Mr President.

But Mr Clinton has also weighed in, telling supporters at a campaign stop earlier this week: “I don’t care what they call me as long as she wins,” he said on Tuesday.

“I’ll be the First Volunteer. I hope to be the best free labour she’s got.”

Source: www.bbc.com

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