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World Bank Grant 2019/2020 Empowerment Opportunities & How to Register at



Have you heard of World Bank Grant 2019/2020 Empowerment Opportunities? Will you like to benefit from World Bank Grant 2019 Opportunities that is currently ongoing. If you will like to apply for World Bank 2019/2020 Empowerment Intervention Programme then read further. To apply for World Bank Grant 2019/2020 Empowerment Opportunities you need to find grants that align with your work. Sign up with to apply using Proposal Central. Complete and submit your application using Proposal Central.


Filling in the online form:

The online application form cannot accept graphics and tables. Any graphics and tables must be uploaded as attachments.

CVs of Key Personnel: Please provide CVs of all personnel who will be working on this project using the CV template provided.

Project Plan: A project plan must accompany the application. Again, please use the template provided.

Budget: Applicants should provide a 12 month budget in USD using the online application form.

The budget must be accompanied by a budget narrative. More details on how to fill in the budget and budget narrative are provided on the online form.

Capacity statement: This Statement provides the SVRI and World Bank Group with details on the extent to which applicants have the relevant expertise / experience to manage / complete the project successfully.

Saving your work: Please remember to save your work before moving on to the next page. Also note that you cannot edit in print format.

Applications from legally constituted institutions, or organizations that have existing capacity, with high quality proposals are most likely to be successful in this category.

World Bank Grant 2019/2020 Empowerment Eligibility

Applications for support under this grant should be affiliated with a recognized, legally constituted research institution or non-government organization with existing research or programming capacity.

A maximum of two proposals will be considered for funding per applicant. Only one grant through this mechanism may be held by an applicant until the project has been completed.

Grants that are proposing work on behalf of UN Agencies will not be considered.

World Bank Grant 2019 Nature of Supported Projects

All projects under this call should focus on the prevention of GBV in low and middle income countries.


Successful Proposals Must

  • Have a clearly defined market opportunity to grow revenues that can increase farmer incomes.
  • Have a clearly defined plan of how they can increase revenues and farmer incomes in 2- 4 years.
  • Able to make significant cash or in-kind contributions toward making the project successful.
  • Be able to impact hundreds of farmers.
  • Be able to identify additional financing options available after the USADF grant ends.

Supporting Documents

  1. Completed Application Form. – Required
  2. Copy of a valid organization or enterprise registration form. – Required

Grant Application Instructions

Send a copy of the completed application form and a copy of the registration document to the address listed below for your country ( or Be sure to include a copy of your recent business plan and financial statements if you have them.  Note: USADF is only accepting applications from cooperatives, associations, or enterprises directly involved in the sectors listed for each country in the table below.

World Bank Grant 2019/2020 Empowerment Opportunities Eligible Countries

Low and Middle Income Countries: All organisations based in low and middle income countries (as classified by the World Bank), and organisations not based in low and middle income countries but working in such countries are eligible to apply.

All nonprofit organisations are eligible to apply, including academic, research, NGOs.

Number of Proposals: An organisation may submit a maximum of two applications but no organisation will receive more than one grant.

Partnerships: We encourage partnerships between academic and research institutions and implementing organizations.

The partnership between these two types of organization should have as an objective building the research capacity of the implementing agency.

World Bank Grant 2019 Application Process, Review and Assessment of Proposals

The World Bank Group will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) inviting colleagues to apply for funding. Applicants should submit an application after they have considered the above requirements and assessed whether their proposal is suitable for support under this call.

Only applications submitted via the online system before the given closing date and time will be considered.

Go to

Select “First Time Users – Register”

Complete the registration page.

Create your own Username, password and challenge question for your user account.

Click “SAVE” when done.

If you qualify submit a completed application and support documents
to the website provided for your country.



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